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Ranjini Haridas

Ranjini said: I live in the present: Ranjini Haridas, Asianet Idea Star Singer

Ranjini haridas - Asianet star singer idea
Ranjini has oodles of attitude, the kind of person people love to love and love to hate even more. Ranjini Haridas is quite matter-of-fact, “I don’t care such. This is who I am, I am not faking it either. Nothing about me is put on.” Yet she retains a childlike enthusiasm for most things, 4 instance her new look – straightened hair – ranjini is visibly excited and gushes about how soft her hair feels.

Ranjini haridas sexy look

This former Miss Kerala (2000), is anchoring the second edition of ‘Idea Star Singer’ for Channel Asianet and the ‘Good English Show’ on Amrita TV. She is undoubtedly a whiff of fresh air, particularly the camaraderie that she manages to establish with nervous participants of the show.
Manglish (English + Malayalam usage).

Although, as anchor ranjini is on the other side of the judging game, Ranjini continues to be judged. Her ‘Manglish’ draws a lot of flak, be it ‘Sahasikante Lokam’ or ‘Idea Star Singer. ’

Drunk ranji asianet

Ranjini said “I can speak colloquial Malayalam, which I speak at home. I am no Malayalam pundit, it is not that I intentionally avoid the language. I respect it. But I cannot speak the kind that is spoken on television. I told Sreekantan (Nair) Sir this when they approached me for the show, he gave me the go ahead. And if people have a problem they should be speaking to the channel,” she says cheekily. In fact, she is open to anchoring in Malayalam, provided she is given a proper script right down to the minutest detail.
Ranjini sit on the chair photo hot
Ranjini was educated at Choice School, Kochi, later St Teresa’s college after which she took a year off at Bangalore and then headed for the United Kingdom for her MBA. Television came sometime in between, almost a logical course after the Miss Kerala title. After one and half year in the U.K. she was back. “I tried to get a regular job, but the 9-to-5 thing did not appeal to me. And got back to television, it pays well besides,” Ranjini says.

Ranjini haridas with friends
Ranjini haridas with friends

A professional to the core, her response to suggestions that she is merely a prop for the show is “So what? I am doing a job that is what I am here for. Besides the exposure will be good for my career, since the show has a wide reach.” She used to anchor a show on the music channel Rosebowl.
No movie roles
Ranjini haridas in jeens and top dress
However Ranjini haridas does not see her career taking the celluloid route, ranjini is quite content with hosting shows on television and emceeing stage shows. Post-Miss Kerala, she got a couple of offers to act in films but “I cannot be anything but Ranjini Haridas. And serials? Please, no.” That is not to say she has not had her share of screen tests, she has had some and by her admission “horrible.” But she is not cribbing, she is quite happy with the course her career is taking for now, “I do not know what I will be doing in the future, I live in the present and go with the flow. I just do not make big plans.” Television is not her first love, emceeing stage shows is because there is a lot that one can do within the framework of stage shows, besides it is more fun and involves a certain amount of spontaneity.
Weight watcher

No planning, but, with one exception, joining the gym. Tell Ranjini haridas she is weight obsessed and she is the first one to admit it and says she will do almost anything to lose weight. She is excited about the four kilos she has lost in two months; it is another matter that she could easily pass off as a model. Like all weight watchers, however, at times she cheats because she likes food.

“Anything that Mama cooks I like, it can be simple dosa and chutney, I love it. And I love Indian-Chinese, it rocks,” says this self-confessed junk food addict. That her mother is her rock is evident from the way she talks about her.
Leg show - Ranjini haridas star singer
It is not just Malayalam channels that are keeping her busy, she briefly anchored a show for Kairali, ‘Why not! When love bites,’ where she has been doling out advice or as she puts it, “basically breaking hearts! Telling people to dump him, dump her!” For a person who believes she is perhaps making a fool of herself, Ranjini Haridas is doing okay, more than okay in fact.

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  1. edi koppe lakshakanakinu malayalees including parents kanunna programme anu ethu.so please maitain ur dress.ur anchoring is good.but dont show your stupid mentality to anybody.so pls maintain ur individuality

  2. hi renjini
    my 3 year old boy salman is a big fan of yours.he won’t allow us to watch other channels from 8-9.

  3. she is such a @#@ bitch… show off.. wierd… #@ face…. i cud just smack #@# with my fist.. and shove a #@@ up her #@@..
    get a life u piece of trash..

  4. ,idea star singer needs a change. Rangini now you are in kerala so please mind your dress and try to speak good malayalam …… e

  5. $## thuni uduthoode, thuni vangan kasillenkil njan tharam.thuni udukkathe ninte ishtathinu nadanno. athu nattukare kanikkano. pennennu parayunna vargathinu thanne apamanamanu neeyok. athrayk dharidriam anenkil poyi $#@

  6. who said she is beautiful………….? she is a waste product of kerala..she doesnt speak malayalam well…..she looks ugly,,,,her face looks like a mango nut

  7. hi renjini ur to hot i like u and i love u can u give me a chance to fuck u .ur body structure is good i want to fuck u dear . i know u ra good flute

  8. no words to say about you ranjini.. nee oru hottest and hot lady ever.. i like to see you very near… ninte hot stories njan kelkkunnundu

  9. Hai Sir / Madam,

    I like to inform you that the rating of the show is coming down bcoz of renjini’s over acting, dressing & sreekumar’s non-standard comments.

    In the China Town episodes, what dress she is wearing & how she performs in front of such important personnels. The dressing which she likes or choose doesn’t matter. But according to the show which the whole world sees, she has to follow certain dress codes, whether she likes or not. She looks very nice in saree. Then also she creates vulgarity in that dress by not wearing proper blouse. I won’t blame her. This should be the responsibility of the programme co-ordinators. If the performance of one of the candidate is not well, she comments that this should not be done as the whole world sees. The same comments will receive about her dressing & communication. In the elimination stages, she is behaving beyond the judges as if she knows about music from her birth itself.

    Please see the judges in the munch star singer junior and amrita tv’s reality shows. How standard they are keeping! now-a-days, we are also advising every friends and relatives to move to other channels rather than wasting time by viewing this jockery show.

    The staffs in the office also shows interest in other channels. Very rare persons like bachelors and others who are interested in F-channels will see this not for hearing music but for seeing which dress renjini wears.

    The administrators who is in charge of the show has to pay attention to these things very seriously. bcoz you will lose your reputation. Please note a negative point is like sunami for all the positives you have done before. So please maintain your standard. This is a request not an order / instruction. We also enjoy renjini’s manglish talks,funs etc. but in all things there should be some limitation. may be she is innocent. the matured people who is in charge have to co-ordinate this.

    Hope that our comments will be considered in a proper sense.


    Phone Number moderated by admin

  10. I simply hate the so called well educated Malayalees those who become so cheap in their views and attitudes, all females are not made for sex. This much I know, we should not imagine, act and even not to dream any thing bad about females. They are the most beautiful creation of nature and among them some are extra ordinary tallented, Ranjani is one of them. In our life who ever we see, almost they are all seen daily, how can ISS crue be boring?

  11. Rnjini, it is too good to see u daily in ISS and also the entire crue of ISS are superb. GOOD LUCK

  12. Anjana,

    I also support to ur comment related to the matter of special episode of star singer in china town…..
    her dressing was vulgar…… May be she is a model …but star singer is a family viewing programme, especially in kerala……….

    sometimes judge’s comments going to below the avg level…… {except K.S CHITHRA}……..

    Each viewer has his own right to watch his favourite channels…. i want to mentioned about only her vulgar dressing…….. and bad comments of judges……

  13. notable article Ranjini Haridas – Asianet – Idea star singer – hot stills photos sexy dress – ranjini haridas : keralawomens – Hot Stories, Videos & photos , remarkable,

  14. There is nothing in her. NOt at all looking like a lady, looks as if male dressed like female. Totally boring.

  15. I agree with parvathy varma, but what we can do? Those people using these vulgar words for satisfying their sexual feeling z. . .

  16. Fed up seeing the old face of ranjini and her comments. No use writing anything about her as she will not change her style of Manglish or scanty dressing and above all who the hell has given her license for passing judjements, then why not keep her as a judge. In the munch star singer finale jagadi sreekumar rightly told in public a anchor should do her job only and not do judgements and also not to try her best to make the elimnated participant cry. people are moving off when Idea star singer strats and come back when kumkumapoovu starts, as this is all a match fixing in the end. why dont you stop this SMS as no one ever knows the true number of sms received. really stupid show, pls see the other programmes during this one hour.

  17. Ranjini, have U got any idea about the min. qualities dat an anchor should need?
    * Fluency: @least more than 70% of the language in which that program deals with –
    * Body Language: (No nail cleaning, adjusting of clothes, back straps, hair strands etc.,& scratching or itching, in front of the camera
    * Discipline: which is very important among all ..ie, “No ATTAHASAMs or yelling or screaming kind of presentation over microphone…
    My dear freinds…Forget about that idiot anchor (let her think herself great on her stupidities)…but FEEL PITY ON THAT CHANNEL FOR HAVING SUCH IRRITATING MONO TYPE DAILY PRESENTATION, especially for the PRETTY ORDINARY VIEWERS like daily wagers or laborers (majority) who can never understand such slang & styles indeed..
    Oh GOD….PLEASE SAVE US FROM THIS DAILY TORTURE (If still want to watch.. pls skip HER & listen to the song part or musical portion only…. )

    Attention Channel Pro Cordinators: IT’s HIGH TIME TO TAKE THIS EXCELLENT PROGRAM IN DIFFERENT WAY, STYLE & with DIFFERENT JUDGES (if possible) & with no doubt ANOTHER ANCHOR, just 2 avoid its fall in popularity..

  18. it is totally boring it is very monotous change the anchor, try totake off ad from programe as there is lot oramdassf ad in between the programe it is urriding tramdas she viewers

  19. Renjini Haridas is an intellectual lady who is standing in her field bcs of her wide knowledge,unbeatable personality, slipped tongue (yes slipped tongue) and loud speech. Her easy comment and predictions on a subject shows her intellectualism and that may be accepted by her rumor makers. she is a brave lady women, that is the problem we are seeing her ( especially ladies )they do not ready to accept her talents. We can see her individuality , the power of control and manage the audiences, even to Sharukhan ( the great artist) in the Ujala Asianet Award 2012.

    I really salute her….

  20. Hey hot girl i want to f##k u…..whn u stnd frnt of the camera….i start my hard work… So sexy….ur lovelly pu&&y is very very hot i like so much….umaa…..in ur swt #@

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    Nee americayyil poyi oru Saayippine kettikko….
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  23. you carry on but one thing,you are so beauty when you are appear with our kerala dress style.never mind the words against you, it is precious that you brought a new culture in suthradharan who familiar in the old drama,carry on

  24. I think it is high time Ranjini should behave properly during the show rather than just laughing and acting funny. She shoud act more in a mature way or let her stop anchoring

  25. hai renjini………..
    ninak maryadak thuni ittudedi……….
    neee aradi pulle…..
    amerikkan madammayo….

  26. nee idea star singerilenkilum maryadake dress ide…
    vere show kalil thuni ittillelum no problum….
    aw paisa ninak labikkam.
    you are so dirty women…………

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