Ordinary-Malayalam Film ordinary photos review and actress pics

Ordinary is a 2012 film by debutant Sugeeth Malayalam, Kunchacko Boban in the lead roles in the lead role.

Ordinary-biju menon
Ordinary-biju menon - Malayalam film

Kunchacko Boban as Kuttan Pillai Iravi
Biju Menon as Suku
Asif Ali Bhadran
Jishnu like Joseph
Sivadas Shritha as Kalyani
Augustine and Anna Ann
Vaiga as Latha
Salim Kumar
Lalu Alex
Kochu Preman
Backer niyas
Bolgatty Dharmajan

Ordinary film Soundtrack

All letters of Rajeev Nair, all music composed by Vidyasagar written.
No title singer (s) long
First “Enthinee Mizhi” Karthik, Shreya Ghoshal, 04:50
Second “Sun Sun Sundari” Karthik, Madhu Balakrishnan 04:21
Third “Suryasalabham” KJ Yesudas 04:58
4th “Karutha Munthiri” Vidyadharan 01:54
5th “Chenthamara” Ansuri, Vinayak Sunder, Vaishali, Geo Jomin Shaji, George, Mary Jemi Shaji, Rosella, Kingini, Blassy, ​​Ardra, Divya 2:56 Sabu
6th “Thechippoo” Tippoo, Biju Narayanan, Sujatha, 05:20 Sannidanandan
7th “Kanju Poyenteyee” Vidyadharan 01:35

Shritha Sivadas-Ordinary-Malayalam-Film
Shritha Sivadas-Ordinary-Malayalam-Film

The film begins in Kerala on 17 March and the release has positive reviews from critics and audiences from positive ratings averaged.
Critical reaction

Balcony Theatre rated film 3/5 stars and said: “Extra Ordinary is a true” normal “film that make you think that literally the beautiful village to visit Givi common is a perfect example of a good working team, a great movie. in the film have excellent script, excellent directing, acting fabulous and a perfect blend of romance, comedy and emotion. “.

Now run the movie rating 2.5 / 5 stars and said, “became an ordinary extraordinary.”

Matinee Metro recommended the film “shows” and as he continued to praise, that “the freshness and simplicity of the movie will definitely people into the theater.”.

Sify recommend the film to be classified as “medium” and went on to criticize that “At the end of conventional film just happens to be one-on-current with their tame screenplay, dialogues and lazy stereotypes. It’s a shame the head t resource use and order into an extraordinary journey. ”

Net Malayalam gave the film a good rating (2.75 / 5) 2.75 / 5 stars and said, “is a film rich with some ordinary performances with charm and melodious, who just lost a little too closely described as extraordinary.”

Movie Talk rated the movie 3.5 / 5 stars and said: “The film is a mix of new songs, amazing places, the factor that makes the movie is awesome natural form of delivery, but the story and the heroism necessary to end with. freshness. Outstanding script, but in the end, it is not perfect, as it was. Considering the other films released this year so far, “normal” has the ability to entertain the audience. “

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  1. i like ordinary girl ….. just like shritha sivadas… she is good acting also… ordinary film is very good congrats

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