Namitha Tamil Actress Tight Dress.

NAMITHA: Mollywood actress are known all over the world with Kavya Madhavan, Navya Nair,Sheela,Menaka, Sindhu and many more heroines who look very smart and nice . Bollywood is the the main territory of Indian cinema which is the super entertainment sector of all films and albums. Hindi Language films are usually known as Bollywood Films and these are originating from Mumbai. This is the main film Industry of Indian cinemas. Bollywood produces big budget films and also spends a lot of money. And so it is classified along with Hollywood Films due to its poularity. However unlike Hollywood Bollywood does not exist as a real physical place. Bollywood is usually compared as a Hindi cinema even though Hindustani is a combination of Urdu and Hindi mixed up. Nowadays lot of films are using English in dialogues against villans to make audience happy and amused. There is a growing number of films made entirely in English. Bolly wood films give more importance to Music and its melodious songs and item dance numbers make the success of the film predictable. Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha are the most famous heroines in Bollywood whereas the most popular actors in Hindi cinemas are Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan now doing Gajini, Salma Khan, Akshay Kumar,Sanjay Dutt. Munna Bhai MBBS starred by Sanjay Dutt was such a film that became a super duper hit because of its dialogues and sexy song that became very popular in that movie of Ragasya. Such movies are called story films which means the are filled with spices that people like to watch. Songs from Bollywood movies are generally prerecorded by professional playback singers with the actors moving their lips to the words of the song on screen often while they themselves are making poses. When we talk about other language movies in India we should no leave out Tamil cinemas or Kollywood which has become very popular.the super stars of Tamil films includes Vijay, Ajith, Vikram of Annyan Fame,Vijay and Rajanikanth, Simbu, Vishal,MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and Kamal who are the most famous stars who can make a film win the game. These stars have exclusive fan clubs like I have that of actress in sarees or midis which is wan ted by most people needing huge heroines who can be sexy in cinemas. When we talk about Tamil actress we should not forget the most famous ones like Kushboo Meena Roja Rambha, Simran, Jyothika,Laila, Sneha,Trisha Krishnan, Asin , Nayanthara,Charmi, Mamata Mohandas. Telugu Films are known as Tollywood industry . Every industry has a “wood” attached to them. Telugu films is the most popular films made in india after Hindi movies. The actress in Telugu is very good and beautiful and also have the ability to attract the minds of everyone through the songs and actions. This is one of my most seen photos collection of celebrities and housewives as i have been hubbing for the past 10 months. New face models becoem popular through albums and i also make their photo galleries but my fans are more interseted with photos of Real life Situation Photos.Indian girls will be the main essence in these hubs. May be you think that they are models or actress. They are not at all celebrities or any well known actress, but they are ordinary ever loving bauties who are just married. India is always rich with beauties of this kind and in these editions most of these are from rich families and these pictures were taken by them when they were on pleasure trips or tours to places for enjoying their luxurious life. Saree photos showing the traditional value of Indian culture is also included so that its memories will not fad away on seeing modern dress like salwars.

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  1. She is very hotttt !!! perhaps the hottest than all the heroines … Am a die hard fan of her cute face than her sexy body…. NAMITHA IS THE CUTEST ACTRESS I’ve ever seen … JUST LOVE U LOTS NAMITHA !!!!!!!!!

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