5 thoughts on “Indian film actor – Bharat Mammootty stills new”

  1. _________ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥______ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥
    ___ღ♥big____heart____of_________ goldღ♥
    _ღ♥cool____________V_________best friendღ♥
    _ღ♥trust__I FAN NAMBER ONE OF Indian film actor – ___fun. ღ♥ Bharat Mammootty stills new
    __ღ♥sweet________ ____________speciaღ♥
    _____________ღ♥_ smile_ ღ♥
    _______________ღ♥__ ღ♥

  2. he is a gentle,manly and one and only mega supremo star from south India. he still looks a young man. he was the first man gained national award,padmasree award from the new generation heroes like mohanlal,sureshgopi etc. He gained national award in 3 times.

  3. still photos of mammootty is very beautiful. As mammootty is good look from any angle, a camera man should take a photo to exhibit his talent and ability.

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