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Ee Adutha Kaalathu

Ee Adutha Kaalathu began filming on 12 September 2011 at Thiruvanathapuram. The official trailer was on 5 September published before the first run. The trailer was valued for its originality, the Malayalam words and the background score to use. The second schedule of shooting began on 28 October. Almost the entire film was shot in Thiruvananthapuram, except for some scenes were shot dead in Nagercoil. The trailer was on 27 January, which became a hit on YouTube and social networking sites enabled.


The theme and supporters Naatil Veetil generated enormous rumors about the film online.

Promotional campaigns to take the title – “The reality is … a movie that stars in this film and only you, there are good people, bad people do not want to chase people for cosmic .. you a fortune .. East . season .. Get ready for an adventure .. in his own world! ‘”

The film has destroyed the concept of good versus evil. It explores the way people weigh in on situations of their energy from social things are considered good and bad.

The album cover for the United Adutha Kaalathu
Gopi Sundar soundtrack album
Recorded digital Sunsa Workstation, Chennai
Movie genre Soundtrack
Manorama label
Producer Raju Malliath

The soundtrack includes three songs composed by Gopi Sundar, with lyrics by Rafeeq Ahamed. The background score of the film has been composed by Gopi Sundar. The soundtrack was released by Manorama Music.
Title song artist (s) Composer Lyricist
Vijay Yesudas 1 ‘Oru Vazhiyai, Nayana Nair, Gopi Sundar Rafeeq Ahamed
2 O Ponthoovalai Sithara, Rahul Nambiar Gopi Sundar Rafeeq Ahamed
Gopi Sundar Naatil Veetil 3, Anna Katharina Gopi Sundar Rafeeq Ahamed Valayil




Aravind Director Arun Kumar has come away with their second adventure, “Ee Adutha Kalathu” and the screenplay was written by Murali Gopi, for this is also a second attempt. The movie hits theaters today and tells the strange realities of life in a big city.

Vishnu, the protagonist, played by Indrajith is a useful all-purpose man: he collected rags, is true in great demand for the cricket team for their unorthodox, he is an errand boy, and many other things. There is also a loving husband and an indulgent father. Ramani, his wife, played by Mythili not think too highly of him and rightly so. He had a mother and her two lovely daughters. In short, the typical family are struggling to live in town and out of town. And to try to keep the wolf from the door! They must also fight against loan sharks.

The film is full of interesting characters, which is known as a runway show. Madhuri (Tanushree), a former actress with some Class B-Bollywood films to his credit, lives with her husband Ajay Kurien (Murali Gopi) and 11-year-old son of Ayur. Madhuri keeps its good looks impressive, even now. And it is a kind soul. Ajay Kurien is an autodidact get into the series and is currently working as a chef in a city hospital. He learned the craft in Mumbai and is proud of his performance and knows his way around a city. Ayur is crazy about cricket and spends time trying to solve the Rubik’s cube puzzle.

A serial killer is lurking in the streets stalking the animals. Rustam (Nishan), the city in a contract, and lives in a rented room are among the migrant workers. It’s nice driving on a motorcycle around and Malayalam spoken in fragments of peace. He is a deceiver and a villain.

Anoop Menon is Tom Cherian, the police commissioner. He is an aspiring police bent on the name and fame and gain for him the end justifies the means. And his love Roopa, played by Lena is just as ambitious journalist is not everything is possible.

“Ee Adutha Kalathu” revolves around these characters and how to deal with the realities of life in a strange city. Indrajith is subtle and elegant, and Murali Gopi is so good at his act as his script. Anoop Menon confirmed his status as a rising star with a brilliant performance. Jagathy Sreekumar has done justice to his role. Nishan is impressive. Among the female stars, Tanushree looks glamorous with lucid expressions and has left an indelible impression. Mythili as the wife of fire and Lena, as the reporter has his characters vividly portrayed. Gimi Baiju George and were not disappointed.

Arunkumar Aravind has made another film, relevant, attractive and technical excellence must be estimated yet. Jalal Shehnad images are of high quality and helps to improve the film quality. Art by Shankar Jothish tasty and refined. Gopi Sunder The music is beautiful and catchy too. The same could be said of the background music.


In the course of history on the screen, we see people helpless in the mazes and puzzles on your path through life and try to unravel the mysteries trapped. The joy and sorrow, fear and humor, fear and courage, we experience the different feelings and different ways of dealing with them. There are many twists and turns in the story, but there is an element of credibility in all of them and the intelligence of the viewer is taken seriously concerned about the filmmaker. Along with the performance of all actors, “Ee Adutha Kalathu” is a movie very refreshing and delicate make an honest statement of life in cities.

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