Serial cinema actresss Manka Mahesh photos video manga mahesh

Manka Mahesh – Kerala Film Actress

Mollywood mature actress in tv serials and Malayalam movies, Manka mahesh has been recently dragged into a controversy regarding some of her naked photos and videos being leaked allover the internet. The said video is a fake video. That is confirmed by herself.



  1. rahul ramesh says:

    hai manka mahesh , you just like a traditional kerala lady. I cant believe that you are in that video. I am sure that is a fake video of you manka.

  2. priyesh says:

    hai manka chechi , that video is not yours. Its a young lady.

  3. nimisha says:

    you are very beautiful manka mahesh

  4. Anonymous says:

    hai, U look very cute what a ……….

  5. anoop says:

    Waaww…. i Cant belive that ….pls give me your phone number..

  6. deepak says:

    u have done a great thing,normally these serial actress are available for select lucky one’s in the film industry.u exposing through internet we unlucky fellows got a chance at least to is a common knowledge that most of the actress are ready to go for any extent to hold ground in this glamour industry.most actress are doing in private,u have done in the open.keep it up.

  7. deepak says:

    really go………….od

  8. Machu says:

    You are a fantastic woman. This is the first time i am seeing a scandal of an old serial actress.. Please make friendship with Jayabharathi, Sheela, Sharada etc and persuade them for such videos.. So that we all can enjoy..
    Cheers and ll the best.. love to see more of yours.

  9. raju says:

    hi you are so sexy in that video but i cant enjoy your big ##### please expose that beauty also dear

  10. Afsal says:

    Hello manka mahesh, you are not in that video. That is another lady… i think..

  11. Anonymous says:

    hi mankaa
    a different look to blind youngstrs really amazing

  12. Anonymous says:

    nice actions

  13. Anonymous says:

    very sexy

  14. Rajeh says:

    you are good lady not bad

  15. Anari says:

    This is not U…

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  17. Anonymous says:

    hello manka very good…….

  18. ben says:

    good sexy

  19. sonal says:

    b4 i think u r a one of the mother in the malayalam filim industry.nw thats finish actully u r a $#@#$.

  20. sindhu vinod says:

    hi manka, we are sure that its not you!!!!!!!! , all the best for your future ….

  21. kunnan says:

    not you monka

  22. sree says:

    hello manka chechi i dont think before you are not sexy like this u r very beautiful

  23. Anonymous says:

    dont worry

  24. mohd says:



  25. bijoy says:

    nice hairy #@#@@ @@ # ,,, ur body is as gud as ur serials

  26. Baburaj says:

    ഇതൊക്കെ സാധാരണയാണ് പൊന്നേ. #@###


  27. bilcy says:

    show ur @##@# open,, what a nice $#$@#$% whore u r….

  28. jomon says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    prayam oru prashnamalla chechy, #@###

  30. Oru Alappuizhakkaaran says:

    Ennaaalum Ente Mankee….

  31. balu says:

    manka aunty, some comments are most worst… just ignore it… i believe that your are not in that hot sandal.. i think its another lady and someone changed the face using advanced software.. anyway i like your acting in mallu serials..

  32. GANESH says:

    add the farting manga cheachi

  33. renjith says:

    ur boobs are very beautiful. pls give me ur mobile number, i am very interest to #@### with u…. i love u chechi i love youuuuuuuuu………… ur body is very beautiful……….between ur#@$……….

  34. jkl says:

    adipoli amman sadanam #@#@#@ nakkanam,./

  35. abc says:

    ugran pokil #@## tharumoo

  36. yedu kayamkulam says:

    hi manka, we are sure that its not you!!!!!!!! , all the best for your future ….
    i love uuuuuuuuu

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. app says:

    hi chechi, I know the said video is not your.take it easy,in this technical world, we can forget it.I like ur actings so much,really one thing is fact that u r still extra beautiful and especially ur comely abdomin ,attractive lips.thank u.stillllllll…………

  39. kuttoosan says:

    oh darling manka your body is very nice and #@## so i too love you

  40. vijesh says:

    hai! Mankachechi love you

  41. Sreekanth says:

    hai manka,
    so sexy, i really love that. please show us more. we love to see more of your ………

  42. saritha.k says:

    sorry…i am not see this pls sent to my e mail(moderated @ yahoo. com)

  43. annyan says:

    Hi Many people say that its morphing,but i cant understand why they tell its morphing,i thinkits orginal and all the credit to the person who have took it hats of to the gentle man,why other serial actress morphing is not coming think before you put your comments.

  44. shajiyettan says:

    prayam ithrayum aayille…ennittum nirtharayilla….. really shame on you ……..

  45. aromal says:

    what a fantastic manka mahesh……,you are too much sexy now,

  46. arjun says:

    haiiii manka in that video you looking so hot and nice

  47. akash says:

    i am not see this pls sent to my e mail..moderated

  48. rajesh says:

    valare kaalmay aagrahikkunnathanu aa pokkil kandu #@#. Manka chechi ente aagraham sadichu thannu. Ippol njhan chechiye mothathil kandanu ariyunnathu. chehi aalu puliyanu. avante oru luck!!!!!!!!!

  49. V.Gopal says:

    That is 100% @#@.she is too drunk

  50. Anaswara says:

    Ithonnum oru karyamakkenda nee vicharikkunna athra sangathikal thanikkillla

  51. sinu says:

    HAI manka, i love you

  52. suraj says:

    i didnt see this video. plse send any one to my email id- moderated @yahoo. com

  53. raj says:

    adipoli #@@

  54. sree says:

    It is 100%manka….i know them very well,their family also….

  55. koot says:

    you are so cute and hot dear

  56. catherinealex says:

    i didn’t see manga’s video..plz anyone send to me that video ?

  57. jayan says:

    manka chechi, i am like to taste your black hair..

  58. Anonymous says:

    i love you manka

  59. pradeep says:

    Manka Mahesh All of our know it is too Fake pictures

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