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  1. sunil kumar says:

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  2. rohith says:

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  12. Shikha says:

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  13. tpambili says:

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  14. Hosy says:

    madhurima my favorite for ever

  15. Ramamurthi says:

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  21. Assom says:

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  22. Assom says:

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  23. eletbaskili says:

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  24. Bloli says:

    super exposing madhurima nice and sexy look hot

  25. Emparie says:

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  26. salmaarun says:

    Indian womens have a culture .you never loose that culture by showings your body

  27. molfCleataSam says:

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  28. Traina says:

    madhurima ninte navel

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  33. rock says:

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  35. aravind says:

    marry me mahurima you r so beautiful..

  36. aravind says:

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  38. Raju Patel says:

    Really pretty! it is braking Heart so fine madhurima..

  39. Raju Patel says:

    Hi. madhu, So charming look like a snow Pl send a Photograph

  40. nagaraju says:


  41. prem says:

    very hot

  42. Sexy says:

    Madhurima…u look soo sexy in any dress…. Bcoz u got nice shaped #$# and sexy navel…. I $#@@ ur sexy body…

  43. Nandu says:

    i wanna kiss you… and **ck you….

  44. prajin says:

    Madhurima is very hot actress.. hearing hot stories of madhurima

  45. Tina says:

    madhurima is very hot actress

  46. Anonymous says:

    so hot

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