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Muktha hot

muktha with sureshgopi
Thamarabharani girl Muktha. She is acting in a new Malayalam cinema with Suresg Gopi. Hailesa is a new movie of this sexy tamil and Malayalam actress from mollywood.
hot photos muktha
muktha hot actress videos and photos
Muktha is acting malayalam and other south indian movies like telugu and tamil movies also. Muktha Bathing in river

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  1. deepak says:

    ur so beautiful n each n every pic but its not needed to act n glamour role plz don’t take glamour role hereafter plz plz i beg u sister

  2. bkji says:

    shes cute

  3. arshad says:

    haii charakke onnu@#@#@#@@ tarumo?

  4. t.vinothkumar says:

    u r nice

  5. BaBabu says:

    Hi $#%%% ninne kandal #@#@##

  6. BaBabuchandran says:

    Suresh Gopiyude oru bhagyam.

  7. poornima says:

    mukhta will be the hottest in Tamil/ Telugu films.

    Chettanu Urangan pattunillalo……

  8. Gopi says:

    She is very HOt…………….

  9. salman says:

    muktha is very cute

  10. ans says:

    ninne njan

  11. malayali says:


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